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Through the Travelling Farmacy we offer PEP treatment for people who are under risk or have been abused when hospitals cannot offer this service.

The Travelling Farmacy has 3 components:

1. Asking for treatment donations

We use all our communication channels to collect treatment donations from patients, activists, organisations or even doctors outside or inside the country.

2. Treatment transport

We try to ensure free transport for treatment through our volunteers and people who can support us with this. We use our communication channels to reach our to people who could bring in donations from other countries or who can support the cost of a courier. If you want to join our ”couriers” list please send us a message.

3. Free distribution of medication

Providing free HIV treatment during periods of stock-out in hospital pharmacies, which puts the health and lives of patients at risk - in Romania there are frequent interruptions in the provision of HIV treatment in infectious disease hospitals and patients do not receive treatment for days or weeks, in some cases periods, which seriously affects their quality of life and life expectancy. For the past 12 years, we have provided free HIV treatment to both patients and infectious disease hospitals across the country, a huge logistical and financial effort on an all-volunteer basis. During the critical months, we distribute anti-HIV drugs for free, worth tens of thousands of euros.

If you run out of HIV treatment and need donations, you can contact us through this form.

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Support this programme through a recurring donation

Contribute to improving the quality of life of people living with HIV through a donation through EuPlătesc, filling out the attached form or support us through a donation on Revolut or directly to the account of the Sens Pozitiv Association.


REVOLUT: @SensPozitiv / +40744682225
CONT LEI : RO36 RNCB 0088 1720 3536 0001
CONT USD : RO09 RNCB 0088 1720 3536 0002

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